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After five years of thinking about coaching, coaching some friends and family members as trials, and thinking some more, I am officially coaching!

My coaching is based on a holistic approach to running. I might not be perfect for everyone. I am not nearly as smart or experienced as my own coach, David Roche, but I've learned a lot from him over the past six years of working together. David taught me to incorporate all of life into my training plans. If you're busy with family, school, work or general stress, I will take that into account for your training plan.

Prior to working with David, I coached myself to winning the 2016 Leadville 100-mile run. Prior to that, I ran Division I cross country and track at Princeton University where I majored in biology. That being said, I am not a data savant nor do I believe accumulating data is the key to unlocking your potential. I take an old-school, mostly 'perceived effort' approach to coaching. I'll analyze some data so that I can help you improve, but my coaching approach is more perception-based, less analytical.

This past year I coached a woman back to regular running after she had taken years off. Here's what she has to say:

"Clare's encouragement and instruction got me from barely being able to run for 5 minutes, to running long runs without any pain or cramping. Now I don't just love running again, I crave it!" - Rachel Wexler, lawyer based in NYC

My specialty is cutting out the shit. Running is simple. My favorite thing about having a coach is not having to think too hard about my own training plan. As a coach, this is what I aim to do for you. I do the planning, thinking and provide guidance for you. You do the running. And in a perfect world, you enjoy nearly every step.

Running is fun. It sucks to get injured. Let's avoid that. Injury prevention is also part of my approach.

Let's get or keep you running. Maybe run a race or too along the way, or not. Running is fun!

TO INQUIRE ABOUT COACHING: email with subject title: coaching. Rate: $150/month. Need-based scholarships available.

A final note from Thich Nhat Hanh in How to Focus that articulates my coaching philosophy (adapted to running):

"It is possible to enjoy every step you make at any time you want, whenever you feel the need to move from one place to another, no matter how short the distance. If you make five steps, then make those five steps into a walking meditation. Every step will bring you joy and stability...
"Invest 100 percent of yourself in the walking. Become aware of every step. It's you who are consciously walking. Your habitual preoccupations and ways of thinking are not pulling you away. You retain your sovereignty. You are the one who decides. You walk because it is your intention to walk, and in every step you have freedom. You take each step purposefully, and each mindful step brings you in touch with the wonders of the life that are available in the here and now." - Thich Nhat Hanh, Walking in Freedom, How to Focus